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April 20 2014


Marketing Instincts - Hippest Swag & Branded Merchandise

Marketing InstinctsMarketing Instincts manufactures and brands anything and everything you possibly can think of. We're here to help you get the hottest corporate swag, branded merchandise, accessories and executive novelties. Through event freebies for all your special occasions to full-on custom game roll-out promotional packages for each and every Best Buy and GameStop in the united states. Put an end to boring event giveaways, and let us give you numerous fresh ideas. Marketing Instincts Award Winning marketing team tailors your promotions for maximum affect, coming up with creative ideas and working with you to get you exactly what you are looking for. We also are experts in branded top end electronics and retail items which typically can't be branded; we can easily place your marketing and branding on any item on the market! We have an in house direct to garment printer, providing you with the softest, most brilliant 4 color process imprints you can possibly imagine for your gear.

Marketing Instincts Custom Off-Shore Manufacturing

Marketing Instincts are experts in developing and producing completely specialized branded swag, branded merchandise, branded promotional items, as well as apparel. Within the last two-and-a-half decades, Marketing Instincts has worked alongside the top factories globally, developing safe and sturdy branded merchandise for your own customers. We improve the complete process, through concept and layout to prototyping as well as manufacturing, to testing and clearing customs. And because it's as essential to us as it is to you, we frequently confirm our partners' business practices. Regardless of whether it's a $5,000 trophy, a $3 key chain, or even a customized character hoodie or plushy, if you are making the item with us, you know you'll get the most uniquely designed highest quality products in existence!

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